Star Wars
at The Tech

Star Wars Exhibition Key Art
I was excited at the opportunity to develop the 2013 Exhibition Star Wars key art for the first and last Bay Area appearance hosted by The Tech Museum of Innovation. To be apart of the Star Wars legacy however small is such a thrill!

The challenge was to develop artwork that would be exciting enough to draw interest yet practical enough to be used in different formats, ranging from small ticket vouchers to 80ft building banners.

My first thoughts was to go full blast and develop the next “movie poster like” design but taking consideration that the exhibition is educational not entertainment, I “toned it down.” The result is a design that different characters could easily be swapped out and the layout would still work.

The paint brush strokes represent the “imagination” and the circuit grid is the “science/tech” part. The color selection and circuit grid also tie back into The Tech Museum of Innovation branding.
The Tech Museum of Innovation