Videos at The Tech

Starting the in-house video department for a major museum is both and honor and extremely challenging. I'm proud to have played a major part of the process that shows The Tech's evolution in providing inspired learning. Selected videos range from exhibits, special projects, events and commercials.


These videos give and introduction into the STEM based exhibits at The Tech.

Bio Design Studio


Body Metrics

Social Robots

Modernist Cuisine

Special Projects

Videos focus on the impact The Tech has on the community.

Ebba: The Girl With the 3D Printed Hand

Eye Menu: Emilie Bard's Letter to The Tech

Worldreader: The Tech Awards Laureate Alumni

The Tech Academy: Helping Teachers Bring STEM to the Classroom


Either around the Bay Area or at The Tech, these videos highlight the fun you can have with education based learning.

The Tech at Maker Faire: Hacker vs Hacker

Bay Area Science Festival: Jedi Tech

The Tech Challenge: Seismic Engineering Event Highlights

Open Make: Flow at The Tech


Online promotional video campaigns.

Surprise Yourself at The Tech

Just Wing It

Bio Design Studio teaser